Gaun Yersel: Reflecting on Self Management stories

With December fast approaching, we’ve been reflecting on the opportunities, connections and learning which have made 2018 shine for Mind Waves. Undoubtedly, a massive highlight was the involvement of our Community Correspondents in The Alliance Self Management Network’s Gaun Yersel: Celebrating Self Management networking event.

A group of our volunteers took on the important role of listening to and capturing the stories of Network members. These honest and powerful stories provided a vital snapshot of the different ways self management can be applied in people’s daily lives. Network Development Officer Rhona Miller says, “We wanted to hear from Network Members themselves about what does Self Management look like to individuals, what challenges they have experienced and what support has made the biggest impact on how people self manage”.

The opportunity to speak with Self Management Network Scotland members emphasised that self management is certainly not one size fits all. The nature of self management will vary depending on an individual’s preferences, conditions and circumstances. However, there are common strands running through the stories – feeling connected to the local community in some way, support from understanding health professionals and availability of good quality information all play a significant part in effective self management.

Thank you to all of the Network members who shared their stories with us – you can read their first person insights here. You can also keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram where we will be sharing more self management stories over the next week. The networking event and Self Management Awards may be over for 2018 but, hopefully, the conversation is just starting.

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