‘Free Lunch Society’ – Film Screening and Discussion

The Health and Social Care Academy is partnering Take One Action Film Festivals to host a screening of thought-provoking documentary Free Lunch Society.

Could Universal Basic Income (UBI) help create a fairer and healthier Scotland?

Imagine a situation where you and everyone you know who lives in Scotland received the same minimum payment from the Government each month, regardless of your circumstances.

Spanning contemporary and historic perspectives this playful documentary powerfully brings the concept of Universal Basic Income, and its possible implementation, to life.

After the film there will be a chance for discussion about Universal Basic Income and the effects its introduction could have for the people of Scotland, particularly in relation to health and social care.

Tickets for the screening are £3.50, however, there are a number of free people to whom the ticket cost might be a barrier to their participation in the event.

Find out more about the event and details of how to get your ticket by following this link.

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