Fragile Foundations: the mental health of social care staff and the people they support @scottishcare

Mental health is a big issue in social care. Some people receive support because of mental illness; many others experience mental health problems alongside other conditions. There is also a very real impact on the mental health of the people who work in social care.

A new report from Scottish Care looks at the experiences of the social care workforce and the people they support. Fragile Foundations is based on research with nearly 50 frontline workers from care homes, care at home and housing support services. They have also produced an animation to accompany the report, which you can view above.

The findings paint a challenging picture. It’s a tough job and it’s clear that, without proper support, many workers are struggling.  However, there is some hope. The report gives clear recommendations on the practical changes that can support good mental health for the workforce.

You can read the full report here. 





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