Emerge – our Mind Waves theme for Autumn 2020

Introducing our new theme – ‘Emerge’.

As we slowly move through and out of lockdown, there is a sense that we are emerging, both individually and collectively. For some, that might be throwing ourselves back into previous responsibilities and routines. For others, it might be working on physical or mental health recovery which has been affected by social isolation. Many people have also spoken about how the Covid-19 emergency has compelled them to simplify their lives – changes to our lives highlighted hope for the climate.

We would love to hear your stories, experiences and opinions on our theme ‘Emerge’.Here are some prompts to get you thinking. You needn’t feel limited to these areas, but they might be food for thought:

– Do you have tips on how we can look after our mental health as we emerge? What does post-lockdown self care look like to you?

– Has your experience during lockdown inspired you to do something different or adventurous such as learn a new skill?

-Is your organisation or community coming together to help each other emerge, or perhaps new projects have arisen from lockdown?

– Emerging might not just be about lockdown. Are there times in your life you have emerged from difficult experiences or made a fresh start?

If you’d like to share a story, opinion, video, photo, cartoon, or another means of expressing your ideas, then get in touch or tweet us @MindWaves1. We’ll be publishing ‘Emerge’ related blogs for the next month or so, as well as chatting about it on a future episode of our podcast. Watch this space!

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