Building a mentally healthy workplace

Having a job that is right for you is good for people’s mental wellbeing.  Having managers and staff who understand about mental wellbeing is a big part of having a healthy workplace.

The New South Glasgow Hospital site is a busy place with lots of building work and new jobs.

Brookfield Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd is the principal contractor at the New South Glasgow Hospital site.  The company has been working hard to promote mental health and to create a mentally healthy workplace in a male-dominated environment.

Brookfield Multiplex has made huge strides in embedding a mentally healthy workplace within their environment.  The company have worked with the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives as one of two organisations in the making of a DVD “Ahead for Health” which brings together issues around mental health in the workplace.  They have now distributed this DVD to their employees and sub contractors on site and will include the DVD as part of their toolbox talks.

The Health & Safety managers at Brookfield Multiplex recently underwent mentally healthy workplaces training (a training for trainers course).  The company also took the initiative to invite managers from other organisations which are sub contractors working on the site to this training.  This means that all the employers can deliver the mentally healthy workplaces course to their managers.

All the health campaigns delivered on site each all the workers. At present this means over 1300 workers which will increase to over 1500 at the peak of their work on the new hospital project.

What is happening in your workplace to make it a mentally healthy environment for everyone?

We’d like to hear your experiences and views.

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