Being a Community Reporter

When I was given the opportunity  to work with the Mindwaves project I was very excited about the prospect. Not only did I consider it work that I believed in but I also appreciated the experience it would give me. Having once had mental problems myself I understood that it was difficult for people to share their problems due to the stigma attached. I felt that by promoting good stories surrounding mental health we could help tackle this serious problem. I too have taken a great interest in journalism and found this to be the ideal role in giving me experience. On a much more personal level, the role has given me a renewed sense of purpose. It has also aided in my recovery from depression.

What has been a particular surprise in my role as Community Reporter has been the number of good projects that are going on in the fight to alleviate mental health problems. The role has opened my eyes to the number and range of projects that are tackling this issue something that is not widely reported in the media. Hopefully we as reporters are doing our bit and I am glad to be part of this endeavour.

Story by D Doherty

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