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Community Reporter, Kevin Gallagher tries his best to avoid using any obvious puns;

Sherlock Holmes, Aristotle, Sir Edmund Hillary, Maria von Trapp, Ronnie Corbett and Scarlett Johansson – what’s the connection? They are or were all beekeepers.

Bee Mastery has found a new place in the public consciousness due to media coverage of Colony Collapse Disorder.  Tackling this problem is a huge concern for bee enthusiasts, environmentalists and commercial farmers.  It’s also a business opportunity for others.

April saw the arrival of bees in Bellahouston Park and Provanhall House as part of a new pilot project for beekeeping.  Organised by Glasgow Land & Environmental Services in conjunction with The Scottish Beekeepers Association & Glasgow and District Beekeepers Association, this project will aim to provide places for practical beekeeping experience.  Initially the invitation will be extended to established members of allotment associations to attend free scheduled Basic Beemaster Training sessions.

An introductory course on beekeeping also took place in Partick Burgh Halls over the winter period, hosted by Glasgow & District Beekeepers Association. The cost of the full course was only £40, although it is unclear at present if this could be accessed using ILA funding.Organized by Dr Peter Stromberg the course provides the knowledge needed to sit the Basic Beemaster exam, when combined with a year of practical experience.

Mind Waves Reporters will continue to cover developments as the bees settle into their new homes and report in more detail in the future.

Anyone interested should get in touch with Robert Watson, Allotments Officer with Land and Environmental Services, or contact Dr Stromberg.

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