A Year in Lockdown

One of our Community Correspondents, Angela McCrimmon, has written a great poem reflecting on a year in lockdown.

Angela McCrimmon's last paragraph of the poem


Lockdown…One Year On


The 23rd of March in 2020,

Memories we certainly have are aplenty,

The year we still can’t believe we’ve seen,

The arrival of deadly Covid-19.


Home-schooling entered the family home,

Parents confused and feeling alone,

I could see the struggle and thought “Thank God…

I don’t have a child, I’ve only a dog!”


Panic buying and empty shelves,

Some people only thought of themselves,

Toilet paper was so hard to find,

Pasta and Flour not far behind.


“Stay at home” was the message received.

To be honest, I actually felt quite relieved,

My social anxiety danced out the door,

I could live in lockdown forever more.


Video calls and courses online,

I had to adapt or be left behind,

My volunteer work was now on the phone,

A weekly call so they weren’t alone.


A Thursday night at precisely eight,

We all clapped to show we appreciate,

The NHS… we truly love you,

And not forgetting Captain Tom too.


Each week we’d watch and anticipate,

If the rules would change, what was our fate?

Inside or out, groups of how many?

Confused.com the whole 2020.


We were all encouraged for our daily walk,

We could meet one other with a chance to talk,

Washing our hands with endless soap,

Rainbows in windows as a sign of hope.


“Lockdown Haircuts” …..silly or brave?

Trusting each other to cut and to shave,

I’m afraid my fringe is now over my eyes,

And my hair is screaming out to be dyed.


Facetime or Teams where we’re all in the “room”

The fatigue that hit from too much “zoom”

How grateful we are for online connection,

Without the internet I think I’d be sectioned!


Mental health was a lesson well learned,

I personally think more respect has been earned,

For people who had never felt it’s touch,

Had a taste of anxiety or depression as such.


Online quizzes, we played bingo too,

Street entertainment for me and for you,

It took me 9 months and made my heart flutter,

But I joined the nation and had a de-clutter!


There are a million more memories that I could share,

We found our true friends and who’d truly be there,

While my heart breaks for all who have lost,

A price too high that we can’t count the cost.


It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year,

But we have our roadmap and vaccines are here,

Let’s all work together and keep hope in our heart,

Let’s pray that this year will begin a new start.


– Angela McCrimmon


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