A Mini Mindful Music Playlist for Mind Waves

Mindful Music

There has been much focus of late about how technology can be used to aid recovery or improve mental wellbeing. From meditation apps such as Headspace and Buddhify, medication reminder apps like Dosecast, to chatbot therapists like Woebot – technology is definitely changing how we can look after our mental health.

For me, there is one particular app I’ve used for many years to aid my mental wellbeing – Spotify.

Music can have a huge impact on mood (as our correspondent Marilena pointed out last year). I find it particularly effective at helping me to deal with stress. I’ve used Spotify to create some relaxing playlists full of my favourite chilled out music which often helps me deal with stress a little bit better.

Since I enjoy making mix tapes, I decided to get my headphones on and create a mindfulness inspired playlist especially for Mind Waves. It contains some beautifully soothing music from some of my favourite artists. I hope you enjoy it too.

I’d love to hear in the comments your thoughts on music, do you use it to help regulate your mood, what perks you up, what relaxes you, what gives you that tingle down the back of your neck.

You will need a Spotify account to play this playlist. It is free to join and easy to set up.


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