5 reasons planting wildflowers is good for your mental wellbeing @GrowWildUK

Spring meadow


The lovely people at Grow Wild are giving away thousands of packets of free seeds, so that you can create some colour in your neighbourhood. Apparently Britain has lost almost 97% of its wild flowers since the 1930s and this is a chance to get some of them back and create welcoming environments for wildlife, especially butterflies and bees. But there are also some great mental wellbeing benefits, so we will definitely get involved. Here’s a few reasons to sign up today for your free seed packet.

  1. The joy of seeing something beautiful
    There’s something amazing about seeing a flash of colour from wildflowers, especially if they’re growing in an unexpected place.
  2. Connecting with your community
    You can sign up from a wild seed packet, or order a kit if you are part of a small group. Either way, it’s a great way to connect with your physical environment and the people in it.
  3. Making a contribution
    Imagine the thrill of seeing flowers growing in your neighbourhood and knowing that it was you who made it happen. Think of all the people who will feel just a little bit happier because of what you’ve done.
  4. Something to look forward to
    In a world of instant results, waiting until spring to see the  seeds you plant in autumn grow into flowers requires patience. It’s something to get us through he dark days of winter.
  5. Noticing the world around us
    So many of us go through life dwelling on the past, or worrying about the future. Wild flowers are so fleeting; seeing them is a chance to take notice of the world and live in the present.

To register for your free wild seed packet or kit, visit the Grow Wild website. We’ll be ordering some and discussing where to sow the Mind Waves kit at our next Community Correspondents meeting.

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