What recovery means to me: watch the video from our workshop

At the end of last year, we worked with the Scottish Recovery Network to put together a workshop on blogging about recovery. We asked a simple question: What does recovery mean to you?

We were really quite taken aback by the response to the workshop. We offered 15 places, but twice as many people wanted to sign up. And the people who made it along had so much to say.

There was  a real mix of people and the stories they told were really quite inspirational.

Some of the attendees have decided to write a post about what recovery means to them, which we’ll publish here at Mind Waves and on the Scottish Recovery Network website.

It seemed like an almost impossible task, but we asked people to sum up what recovery means to them in a single sentence. This video shows their brilliant answers.

We really hope that we’ll be able to run another free workshop in future. Watch this space for more details. 


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