Waste Aware

Waste awareA presentation in the local Gourock library in Inverclyde introduced me to this group for the first time. Their website is found at:- www.wasteawarelovefood.org.uk  Their aim was to help me to reduce waste in as many ways as possible.

One good way is to be aware of the amount we cook to eat. Cooking no more than and eating the correct portion size of all foods we consume is ideal. Starchy carbohydrate foods such as pasta, rice and cereals are essential for energy but too much can make us overweight. Our recycling bin gets too full and money has “gone down the drain”!

Gadgets can help reducing my waste and waistline?

I was given a measurer for spaghetti which had a cut out circle through which I could press enough for a one person portion. It would be easy to make your own or just remember the circle was about the size of a 20 p coin.

Keeping such dried foods airtight with bag clips also prevents waste by keeping them fresher for longer. These are cheap to buy or use a peg to keep your cereals closed!

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