Top tips for making videos about mental health and wellbeing

Making videos about MH on Biteable.

This week, we hosted a Mind Waves workshop on video and wellbeing.

We had a fantastic turnout, with some brilliant participants who brought a wide range of experience. At the end of the session, we asked them to share something they’d learned. Here’s what they told us:

Be yourself- be natural

It’s easy to say, but the best videos feel like a conversation. You don’t have to perform or read a script, just imagine you’re talking to a real person.

Use a tripod to keep the camera still

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of a shoogle in your films, but a small tripod, or even just resting your elbows on a table can make all the difference. Or the elastic on a paper diary can be a great place to prop up your phone.

Try interviewing off to the side to be less intrusive

Some people are happy talking directly into the camera, but if that feels unnatural, set up your phone to the side and talk to the interviewer (even if you’re just pretending that there’s somebody there).

Have patience

This applies to everything. Don’t be in a hurry to get your video done- relax. And it takes a while to build up a following online. It’s unlikely you’ll go viral overnight.

Anything can be a prop if you think creatively

There’s no need to buy lots of expensive kit. Did you know that the headphones that come with your smartphone have a built-in microphone? Or that tying your phone to your shoe with a long piece of string can help you capture the perfect panoramic shot?


Don’t assume your audience’s knowledge

Just because you know all about what you’re talking about, doesn’t mean everyone else does. There’s no such thing as a stupid question and there’s nothing that’s too simple to explain in your video.

When you’re learning, be prepared to be scared, but do it anyway!

Doing new things is hard – and doing them on camera is even harder! Nobody sits down at the piano for the first time and plays Beethoven, so why would your first film be professional quality? Just keep practising and you’ll get there.

Don’t be afraid to share something twice

Your video took too long and it’s too good to just share once. Don’t worry, your followers won’t get bored unless you’re spamming them. There’s nothing wrong with sharing it at different times or day, or if there’s something happening that’s relevant to it.

Have fun!

Just because mental health is a serious topic, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun talking about it. The best way for any of us to learn is to play. Try new things, use your videos as an excuse to talk to new people. Enjoy!

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