The amazing pictures from our mindfulness and photography workshop at Kelvingrove

As part of our latest series of workshops, our volunteer Community Correspondent Laura McGlinn ran a session on mindfulness and photography at Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Laura found both mindfulness and photography really helpful in her own recovery and wanted to share what she’d learned with other people. The workshop was great: there was a real mix of people and we were all fascinated to hear more about Laura’s story and improve our own photography skills and wellbeing.

We put what we learned to use capturing images around the amazing Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Musuem. Laura told us to focus on colour and texture, to really see what is in front of us without being distracted by judgements or stories.

As you can see, the results were amazing. The photographs that the group took on the day were brilliant.

Laura is planning to share her skills further and has set up Mindful Image as a way of doing that. You can learn more about it at her website.

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