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Connections: share your story for our latest theme

For our summer theme at Mind Waves, we’re talking about connections. Connectedness is so important in good mental health and wellbeing. It’s the first of the five elements of the Scottish Recovery Network’s CHIME model of recovery. But what does that mean in practice? We want to know about how feeling connected, or disconnected has […]

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“I can’t help but smile when I’m bouncing” – how trampolining, among other things, supports @XCharlotteFoxX in her recovery

We’re proud to present a guest post from mental health advocate and blogger Charlotte Underwood (@XCharlotteFoxX) Mental health recovery is not something that you can cure over-night, in fact I am not sure that there is a cure, however I do know that it can be managed. It’s a day to day battle for most […]

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What place and lack thereof has meant to me

This month we are exploring the theme of place. Community correspondent Pete shares his thoughts. Having a place to yourself is important. I’m sure most of us appreciate having a home, a base, somewhere you can feel safe and comfortable that is your own. For a while now I haven’t had this and it has […]

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The House and the Special Spaces Within It

Community correspondent Marilena talks about her favourite place, as part of our latest theme on place. My favorite place at the moment for me is my house in Greece. I have strong emotional ties with my home as everyone. First it is the place where I have almost all of my books and where my […]

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Risk Assessment – by Robert Terry

A new post from community correspondent Robert Terry on the theme of Risk. A sense of risk underestimated Risk ignoring your senses The risk of self-deception Risk always at large Minimise your risk of being alone What’s the risk of being happy Challenge taboos & risk ruination Risk upsetting the status quo Risk inciting the […]

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Risky Business – A Poem by Angela

Read a new poem on the theme of Risk from community correspondent Angela McCrimmon We’re too afraid to take a risk for fear that we might fail, We refuse to jump onboard too afraid we might derail, We seem to live our lives with only half a heart, We feel the negativity before we even […]

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Progression Through Risk

This is a post on the current theme of risk from community correspondent Marilena. As an overprotected, only-child coming from a Greek family, I am not sure that I am the right person to speak about taking risks. I was never really encouraged to take risks in life and many times the outcomes were at […]

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Six Risks Worth Taking

A post on our latest Mind Waves theme of risk. Life is a series of calculated risks. No matter what we do from getting up in the morning to laying down at night, every decision we make has a risk attached. Some of these risks are smaller than others, and I guess the number and […]

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Graded Exposure to Risk

A post from our Community Correspondent Maureen Gilmour I was thinking about the theme of risk on the way home from our Mind Waves Community Correspondent meeting. We talked about the subject during our meeting and I was surprised that my initial thought was of risk assessment that I did as a part of my […]

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