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My Purpose – A Poem from Angela

A poem from community correspondent Angela McCrimmon We live in a world so focused to win, We see a person but don’t look within, We see a goal and strive right ahead, Missing out on the journey instead. Society says that we have to come first, Drink from the Well, don’t wait for the thirst, […]

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The Wounded Healer

A poem from our Community Correspondent Derek Read The Wounded Healer I lost my way holding on to a semblance of respectability, thinking I had to endure that which was painful-destructive And losing my status, my job, my position I found again words, words and people who loved words And something they were difficult words […]

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Change, a Poem by John Dane

A poem by our Community Correspondent John Dane Change The past we cannot live in The present it must be The future we must look to It was always up to me This journey an be lonely If you don’t seek support change can make a difference get out from your fort From being just […]

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Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Me

Since I was three CPTSD has truly affected me. Battling judgement, public shaming, whispers behind my back and not allowing me to see. Would truly trigger the suicide idealisation often in me. Out of the three definitely judging is the worst for me ,all stemming from my family tree. Words tripping out your mouth and […]

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The Orchestration of my Anxiety

We’re pleased to present a poem from our newest community correspondent, Maureen Gilmour. It’s called The Orchestration of My Anxiety. Tap, tap,the conductor holds his baton….here it starts. Drum roll…..thrumming vibration in my torso….the tremor,  shaking begins. Palpitations. …faster and faster the beat increases. My heart pounding in my ears, the echo like a Base […]

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Recovery, when life isn’t too hot

A post from our Community Correspondent Tony Rea as part of our partnership with the Scottish Recovery Network Tony is speaking at our “What recovery means to me” workshop today, sharing his ideas and his process   Just a little thought, on how to gain recovery when life isn’t too hot: Stand up and face […]

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An ode to Christmas haters

Yes, we know it’s only November, but our  Community Correspondent Tony Rea doesn’t care Grumpy{short version hee hee} Have you ever noticed that a Christmas hater is a bit like a cheeky waiter or a happy faker? Ever noticed how they dull the Festive cheer with a “I hate this time of year.”? How many […]

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Finding hope in the most difficult places

Our Community Correspondent Robert Terry wrote this untitled poem about finding hope when we see so many upsetting stories in the news.   my heart bleeds for Charlotte, North Carolina now it breaks for Burlington, Washington State and am moved too tears for the innocents slaughtered martyred in the name of fear Spiritual Angels accepting, […]

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