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Everyone deserves a break: how the Caravan Project improves wellbeing through accessible holidays

We are delighted to share this guest post by Leila of The Caravan Project who provide accessible caravan holidays,  supporting families in Glasgow who are facing challenging circumstances. Modern life is stressful, hectic and challenging. It is no secret that getting a break from this is super beneficial for your mental health. Whilst on holiday […]

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Could a universal basic income make for a fairer Scotland?

Recently, a few of our Community Correspondents attended a screening of the Free Lunch Society: a film about the Universal Basic Income. The idea behind the film is that giving everyone a basic income, whether they are in employment or not, could lead to a fairer and more creative country. There was a mixed response from […]

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Lena Dunham, panic attacks and getting back to feeling human: part 2 of a diary of antidepressant withdrawal

Our Community Correspondent Emma Goodlad @goodlademma shares part two of her diary of reducing her antidepressants The reality of reducing dosage of meds part 3…wide awake at 2am having a panic attack and not being able to stop crying. #myunfilteredlife #seemescotland @seemescotland #StartTalking #MentalHealth #AntiDepressants #SSRIwithdrawal #SSRI #Sertraline #depression #mentalillness #recovery #realityofdepression #nofilter #unfiltered A […]

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I can’t express my gratitude for my friend’s kindness- part one of a diary of antidepressant withdrawal from @goodlademma

A post from our Community Correspondent Emma Goodlad I’ve been on antidepressants since 2015. Compared to some this is a relatively short time. I know people have been on antidepressants for years and will likely continue to take them for the foreseeable future –  it’s not uncommon. For the last few months of 2017, I […]

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What place and lack thereof has meant to me

This month we are exploring the theme of place. Community correspondent Pete shares his thoughts. Having a place to yourself is important. I’m sure most of us appreciate having a home, a base, somewhere you can feel safe and comfortable that is your own. For a while now I haven’t had this and it has […]

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The House and the Special Spaces Within It

Community correspondent Marilena talks about her favourite place, as part of our latest theme on place. My favorite place at the moment for me is my house in Greece. I have strong emotional ties with my home as everyone. First it is the place where I have almost all of my books and where my […]

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Meaning Making Through Movie Watching

Community correspondent Marilena gives us an academic take on finding meaning through movies. We all know that human beings love storytelling. One of the culturally-valued ways to listen to a story is by viewing a movie. Although movies are often considered a way to relax, to escape reality, or to be entertained, they also can […]

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A Film That Is Important to Me – The Aristocats

Our project worker Peter spoke to community correspondent Maureen Gilmour about a film that is important to her. Part of our film theme. What film is of particular importance to you? “One of my favourite films is The Aristocats by Walt Disney. What’s it about? “The film is about a wealthy widower who decides to […]

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