Surviving Christmas

At this time of year, do you ask yourself how do I survive Christmas? Or have you already got a ‘Mental Health 5 a Day’ to see you through? Everyone feels the pressure, whether it’s finding enough presents or keeping to a tight budget when everyone else is spending. It’s a time of extremes. No wonder so many people’s physical and mental wellbeing suffers.

Many organisations gear themselves towards helping others get through the darker days. There are lots of people out there ready to help. A friend of mine even plans to help-out at a soup kitchen on Christmas Day, as an alternative to feeling miserable. Maybe you have some techniques you could share on dealing with the winter blues. Here are a few thoughts that I’m considering myself:

1)     I’m going to smile more – especially at the busy shop worker or bus driver. Saying thanks or smiling can only help.

2)     I’m not going to overstretch myself – too many commitments can leave someone being disappointed and you feeling guilty.

3)     I’ll plan Christmas in detail, but I’ll try not to get too upset if things don’t quite work out as I imagined.

4)     I’m going to enjoy the simple free pleasures – time for myself and to wish friends a Happy Christmas.

5)     I’m making plans for after Christmas too – so I have things to look forward to.

These suggestions might not work for everyone all of the time, not even myself. But if you have ideas on how to survive Christmas I am eager to hear from you. We can all learn from each other. Till then have a peaceful and Happy Christmas.

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  1. mindwavesnews December 18, 2012 at 9:34 am #

    I enjoyed this piece and thought about the suggestions for surviving Christmas over the weekend. Being positive and engaging with other people does make it easier to cope with the crowds and stresses. And I like the suggestion of planning something for after Christmas too.

    Many thanks for all the thought-provoking and life-affirming articles this year.

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