Recovery, when life isn’t too hot


A post from our Community Correspondent Tony Rea as part of our partnership with the Scottish Recovery Network

Tony is speaking at our “What recovery means to me” workshop today, sharing his ideas and his process


Just a little thought, on how to gain recovery when life isn’t too hot:

Stand up and face it, cheer up and grace it.
You know its a matter of trial and error, so get your hands back on that wheel cause your skin’s getting fairer.
They say chicken soup is good for the soul, so please pass me over the bowl.
What’s that gotta do with recovery?  I’m not sure but I’ll try anything now, so easy come – easy go.
Be like Roald’s Champion and wash away the fear, let your heart be warmed with hope at Mr Dickens Christmas tale.
Make your mantra for the day be;
“You can knock me down but I’m not going away.”  I know its hard but please try not to go astray!
Be relentless in the mess, put on your bulletproof vest.
And never let your trials off the hook like a Clinton, a Banker or a certain book.
There’s many more to be mention there so fight back, take control and let down your hair.
So apart from the above, whats best for me to aid recovery/
A roller-coaster laugh and a radox thyme bath.

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