Puf puf donuts: food that makes you feel good

Sometimes, the food that makes you feel best isn’t necessarily the “healthiest”.

There’s nothing quite like tucking into something that reminds you of a happy time in your life or transports you to a far off land. At the Empire Cafe poetry cafe on Friday, as well as the brilliant spoken word, there was some great food from around the Commonwealth on offer.

The biggest treat for me was a paper poke of Nigerian puf puf donuts. I’d never tasted these before, but they reminded me a lot of Kenyan mandazi, which are available on every street corner in Nairobi. This West African variation was just as tasty, especially hot from the pan and dipped in sugar. They’re good for the soul, even if not for the arteries.

We caught up with Lolanle and her impressive biceps to find our how to make the perfect puf pufs.

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