Our new Mind Waves theme – what does ‘home’ mean to you?

Recently our Community Correspondents were chatting about what the project means to them (we’ve created this short animation which captures their views). It’s interesting that, although Mind Waves isn’t a physical space, the things that we valued about the project very much resembled traditional ideas of what home should be – somewhere you can always come back to, where you can be yourself and feel safe and secure, like you belong.

Of course, our relationship with our own home or the place we come from isn’t always quite so straightforward. What home means, and how we experience it, is different for everyone. So we’d love to hear your views on how home affects your wellbeing:

  • Perhaps home means something other than a physical space – is it about certain people or things you feel connected to?
  • Does your project or organisation support people with housing or tenancy issues? Tell us about your work.
  • Is there a place which you consider ‘home from home’?
  • Do you have interesting memories to share about your childhood house or home town?
  • Is there something about your home or living circumstance which might seem unconventional to other people?
  • Have you ever been away from home for a long period of time – how did that affect your mental health?

Whatever you have to say about home and wellbeing we’d love to include your unique perspective! If you’d like to share a story, opinion, photo, illustration or another means of expressing your views then get in touch or Tweet us @MindWaves1. You can also follow and use our hashtag #homeandwellbeing.

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