Online Mental Wellbeing and Lockdown

Recently I have been interning at Mind Waves, helping with their social media and blog site. My awareness of a healthy mental wellbeing has steadily increased since joining University and has exploded while going through lockdown.

I have been fortunate to never have been on the extreme end of having an unhealthy mental health but, at times there is a struggle to keep motivation and general happiness when I am stuck at home all day grinding away at my course.

I wanted to make an animation to mark the end of my Mind Waves placement. Originally, I planned to do something surrounding keeping yourself entertained and motivated during Covid. Then out of nowhere I found out that someone from my high school took their own life due to online bullying. The news shook me into thinking about how people can avoid hurtful comments online but during lockdown everyone is stuck inside, and most people turn to the internet to find their entertainment. So, what happens if you are stuck at home and feel compelled to go online but are only met with a bombardment of cruel messages.

That is what I tried to tackle with this clip.

I’ll end this post with a big thank you to Mind Waves, both for this placement and for all the experiences I gained along the way!

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