“It makes you feel proud” Why the #LivingWage matters

We’ve been talking about work and wellbeing and a concept that keeps coming up is “valued”.  For a workplace to support mental wellbeing, it needs to be a place where we are valued, as full human beings. And a big part of feeling valued is getting a decent wage that you can actually live on.

This video from @ScottishLWAI shows the real life impact of the Living Wage. Dionne Mcnicol, who works for Who Cares? Scotland talks about the difference that receiving the Living Wage has made to her life, her family, her work and her wellbeing.  She says, “it makes you more confident, you feel proud”.

Dionne has previously worked in minimum wage jobs, which is just £6.95 per hour and had to quit her job because she couldn’t afford childcare and her travel to work. Earning the Living Wage, £8.25 per hour means she can afford to work and have a good life with her family. It’s not about being rich, it’s about being able to save and budget for a better life and have pride in her work.

If you want to learn more about the Living Wage, there are still free places available at the Living Wage Expo in Glasgow on Monday Oct 31.


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