I am the woman

Community Correspondent Lorna Cosh speaks up for every invisible woman. This is the Mind Waves contribution to Women’s Protest 2015: a celebration of 100 years since the Glasgow rent strikes.

There is a proud tradition in Glasgow of women taking a stand and changing things. One hundred years ago, Glasgow women took a huge risk when they refused to pay their rent as a protest against poor housing and rising rents.

More recently, women were at the forefront of the poll tax demonstrations and many of the same women are now fighting welfare reform and service cuts. We still live in an unequal world: there is plenty to protest against.

As a celebration of 100 years since the rent strikes, Glasgow Life and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are making a seven minute film that celebrates women’s protests.

Our Community Correspondents chose to focus on the thousands of invisible women whose names we do not know, but who have made sacrifices to change things for their communities. “I am a woman” is for them.


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