How are you? I’m fine. A comic strip on the biggest lie we ever tell from @offwhitecoat

A comic strip from our Community Correspondent Emma Wilson @offwhitecoat who blogs at

Nobody likes lying. And there’s certainly nothing about experiencing mental health problems that makes you more likely to be dishonest. But anyone who’s ever struggled with their mental health will understand why you might want to tell this one:

“How are you?”

“I’m fine.”

It’s not that we want to be dishonest, sometimes it just seems easier. Sometimes it’s the best thing to do. But spending all day pretending to be fine when you’re feeling the opposite can be exhausting.

Sometimes, just admitting that you’re not fine can be liberating. And it gives the other person permission to admit that things aren’t so peachy for them either. Maybe we need a national “I’m not fine” day. But until then, most of us will find this comic pretty familiar.
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