Who’s Doing What About Health and Social Care This Election?

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Do you ever get the sense of deja vu? Yep, me too. Another year and another significant election to think about.

I’ve never been particularly politically minded. I don’t know if its an age thing, or if its more to do with the fact the world seems to have gone a little (lot) crazy of late, but I care much more about my vote and ensuring I use it as wisely as I can.

Making an informed decision can be pretty difficult nowadays because we seem to be bombarded with so much information from so many channels – the vast majority of it terribly biased.

If you’re like me and need a bit of help weighing up your options in terms of the issues that really matter, then you might find the Health and Social Care election tracker from The King’s Fund* useful.

*The King’s Fund is an English based charity that helps to shape health and social care policy.


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