Finding the Community Assets in East Dunbartonshire

One of the projects which was featured in our event at Global Social Media Week was the Community Assets Mapping project form East Dunbartonshire.

Our event was titled ‘Making Waves – Social Media, Empowerment and Wellbeing’.  This project brings together all of these ideas and is creating practical benefits for lots of people.

People who have used mental health services are among the people who are developing a community map of wellbeing.  This shows where the facilities are that people know make a difference for their wellbeing – everything from good cafes, to parks, to services that provide support, and lots more besides.

Those of us who were part of the discussion about the East Dunbartonshire project thought this was a great way for people to get involved and to show  how ordinary community resources can contribute so much to people’s wellbeing.  We hope that other areas follow their example.

You can find out more about the project at

Community Reporters team

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