Episode 5 of the Mind Waves podcast is here – introducing ‘Clutter Chat’

Details of our latest episode of the Mind Waves podcast.

It’s been a while since our last episode so we are extremely excited to be back, especially due to the fantastic feature we are sharing!

Mind Waves Project Assistant Marie was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Glasgow-based Clutter Chat, a project providing peer support for those who struggle with chronic clutter. In this episode we are in conversation with Dr Zem Moffat (de-cluttering expert, director of Insightful Moves and founder of Clutter Chat), along with group members Barbara, Fiona and Grant. In this lively, engaging and illumination discussion we explore how the things we bring into our home can impact on our wellbeing, looking at some of the following key areas:

  • What exactly is clutter and when would it be considered an issue?
  • The type of support available from Clutter Chat and how it works
  • Personal perspectives on how serious clutter can affect people’s everyday lives, emotions and relationships
  • How we might help a friend or family member who struggles with clutter
  • Practical ideas for how to keep on top of the things in our home, using a sustainable approach

For more information on visit the Clutter Chat webpage or contact them via email at clutterchat@gmail.com. Thank you so much to the wonderful ‘Clutter Chatters’ and also Louise from Outside the Box for bringing us together!

Access the episode here or search Mind Waves on whichever listening platform you usually get your podcasts!

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Links to some of the interesting resources and ideas mentioned in this episode:

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