Diary power for YOU

From time to time, throughout life, I have kept a Diary. The sequential, day by day empty pages are filled up with plenty of observations and nonsense of all kinds, and sometimes self-analysis of my reactions to these ‘observations’. If you decide to keep a Diary day by day, you will notice strange things start happening…

After a few days of your writing about stuff and thoughts in general, the Diary suddenly talks back to you. It starts telling you about yourself. You then start talking back to it. And then before you know it, it’s more like having a full scale conversation with a close friend in a safe, relaxed environment everyday rather than a mere sluggish rendition of events and thoughts in a log-book diary.
It is an amazing form of self-therapy.

I have even found things in Diaries I wrote in 1995 that produce a spontaneous wide eyed look on my face that says “Surely I didn’t think THAT!” or a self-reassuring nod and a pounding of the table that says “Yes, for sure, I still think that!”

If you want to know more than you can ever possibly know yourself about yourself, keep a Diary! We face all this daily stuff along with almost seven billion other people Worldwide – except, this little Diary you’ve started writing is YOU, and there is only one person in this World who can be YOU and write about YOU. (I even stick pictures and stuff in mine!)

It is YOUR Daily stuff that matters and you have the right to learn from it. And sometimes laugh at it!

What do you think?

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John Copeland

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