Beagles & Ramsay – NHOTB & RAD exhibition at GOMA

Who, what, when and where?

Mind Waves were lucky enough to receive an invitation to the community opening of the NHOTB & RAD exhibition at GOMA on the 19th October. We met outside GOMA on a drizzly Thursday morning and went into the exhibit at 10.15am. We were lucky enough to be able to explore the collection while it was closed to the general public, and we even got to listen to Beagles and Ramsey (the minds behind the exhibition!) chat about their work and answer some questions.

Some information about the exhibition

Glasgow life says…

This Gallery 1 GoMA show, from artist duo Beagles & Ramsay, is a major exhibition of newly commissioned work which has transformed the iconic space with sculpture – including over 80 life size figures – and video.

Creative directors Beagles & Ramsay will unveil three new NHOTB & RAD fashion lines, as the gallery becomes a flagship store, filled with clothing and accessories, and the 81 life size figures, sculpted from recycled office furniture and reclaimed display materials . Some of these figures will model the collections alongside video animations featuring their digital avatars. Many others have become disaffected and unruly consumers.

NHOTB & RAD (the acronyms refer to the artists’ long-standing alter egos, New Heads on the Block and Rope-a-Dope) continues the artists’ exploration of the politics and tensions within consumerism and the contemporary workplace.

Read more about what Glasgow life has to say about the exhibition by clicking here

What we learned

We asked the duo some questions about their inspirations and creative process. They told us that they’ve worked together collaboratively since 1996 when they met at Glasgow School of Art. They compared their working relationship to a marriage – even joking that their wives refer to them as ‘work husbands’. Beagles and Ramsay also said that, although their collaboration has been mostly harmonious, they do occasionally have arguments about their creative work (just like a real marriage!). They also shared that they both get their inspiration from a variety of different things, especially media. A big inspiration for this specific exhibition was the work of Dutch painter, Hieronymus Bosch.

Pictures from the event

We managed to snap a couple of pics of our favourite bits of the exhibition.

The NHOTB & RAD show is running in Gallery 1 at GOMA until the 28th April 2024. No tickets are required for this exhibition, so just drop in and have a look around!

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