Anxiety as an adventure: watch @pmusttryharder at @TEDx

Sweaty palms, racing heart, dry mouth: this could be a description of the hero in an adventure story. Or it could be a list of the symptoms of anxiety.

Our newest Community Correspondent Paula McGuire decided that the two can be the same thing. She lived with anxiety for over 20 years before she decided to re-frame how she thought about it. Maybe anxiety could mean that every day things are a real adventure?

Paula is truly inspirational. She never dismisses the symptoms of anxiety, but she tells her own story in a way that is funny, realistic and overwhelmingly positive. Paula has done so much that is anything but ordinary. She’s tried all 17 Commonwealth sports, done astronaut training and most recently taken up rally driving. But she says one of the biggest adventures was going out to the shop on her own for the first time. As Paula says “adventure isn’t out there. It’s right inside us.”

We are chuffed to bits that she’s decided to join Mind Waves as a Community Correspondent. Welcome to the team Paula!

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