A Scottish take on mental wellbeing

At one of our video workshops recently, a participant created a video that took a brilliantly Scottish and funny approach to mental wellbeing.

Susan Morrison, of ACVO, used her Aberdonian language to poke fun at the mental health advice that we all see on social media.

Susan said:

“I just felt that there is so much advice: hints & tips about what we should be doing to support our mental health and wellbeing. A lot of it makes sense and is spot on, however I just wanted to inject a wee bit of our wonderful Scottish sense of humour. Humour – as I have found, is what’s kept so many of us going over the last year and will keep on doing so.”

We have to agree. At Mind Waves we love sharing what keeps people well. But some advice is handed out like it’s a simple solution to a complicated problem. Fresh air, healthy diets, yoga… we know they’re great, but when our mental health isn’t great, we don’t always want to hear it.

Thanks for making us giggle Susan

Susan Morrison on Biteable.

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