A ‘resilient’ poem from our Community Correspondent, Angela

This week on the blog, we’re happy to be sharing a wonderful poem written by Angela, one of our Community Correspondents, on the theme of resilience. Her piece is shared below.

You say “You’re so resilient” but I wish that you could see,
My “resilience” is a symptom of my PTSD,
Each time I fall, I bounce right, straight back,
But in my bouncing it seems the process I lack.

I’ve faced much heartache and mostly with a smile,
Picked myself back up to always walk the extra mile,
I could be in a million pieces and not a soul could tell,
For my resilience is so finely tuned and I know the story well.

Death doesn’t faze me, I cry for just one day,
My resilience kicks in and takes the heartbreak away,
It doesn’t give me a chance to grieve, doesn’t want me wasting time,
My resilience kicks my grief right to the back of every line.

I wouldn’t say I’m greatly skilled but the ones in which I am.
Are the things that my resilience always holds a plan,
Others have plan B, I have  Plans C and D too,
I have confidence I’ll adapt if my world should all fall through.

My resilience has got me to where I stand today.
I’m thankful, I’m grateful but I also want to say,
This year has brought lessons and the one that I learned best,
Is that even “My Resilience” sometimes needs to rest.

Wasn’t that just incredible? We would love to publish more creative work like this on Mind Waves, so if you’re interested in sharing a poem, short story, or anything creative you can think of, we would love to read it!
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Have a great weekend!


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