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Listen to our podcast episode: Menopause and mental health, part 3, Helen

This week, we’re sharing and summarising the final podcast episode in our series on menopause and mental health. Rosie speaks to author and researcher, Helen, about menopause, trauma and neurodiversity.  This episode is a really interesting listen. Helen and Rosie touch on a lot of important subjects during their conversation, including but not limited to: […]

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#HelpingStudentsThrive – Think Positive’s National Student Mental Health Campaign!

Think Positive, a branch of NUS that aims to create a more joined up student mental health sector, have launched their national student mental health campaign #HelpingStudentsThrive We were really excited to work with NUS on this campaign, and Mind Waves facilitated a series of sessions with students with lived experience of mental ill health, and […]

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What is menopause? Watch our animation here!

As part of our series on menopause, we’re releasing an animation! This animation, titled What is menopause?  features a simple definition of the word menopause, outlines some physical and mental symptoms, and tells us about who undergoes menopause. Watch the animation by clicking the link below. Soon, we’ll be sharing the second podcast episode in our […]

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