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‘The worst thing about stigma is not being able to celebrate’ – why we hide good days as well as bad when it comes to mental illness.

A post by our Project Assistant, Marie. I recently had a diagnosis of an unusual type of migraine. After weeks of strange symptoms, pain, inconvenience, misdiagnosis and worry, I was so relieved to have an answer and a way forward. I was straight on the phone to some family and friends sharing my happiness about […]

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person wearing a blanket to stay warm, face not visible

Keeping warm in cold weather (when you’re disabled in a society that won’t afford you the dignity of turning on the heating)

A post from our Community Correspondent Robert Terry When you can’t afford your heating, keep yourself well fed and lots of regular hot drinks. Fill your kettle up, so each time you have a regular hot drink, it costs less re-boiling already warm water. During the summer, fill your kettle one cup, or so at […]

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“School isn’t for everyone” – Iona on choosing her own path to happiness as a young apprentice #BestDecision

An inspiring post by Iona Brownell, one of our previous workshop participants. I left school last year and went into an apprenticeship. The ‘normal’ step after completing school is college or university. I felt that neither of these options were for me. I think gaining experience is just as important as receiving the certificate. I […]

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Episode 5 of the Mind Waves podcast is here – introducing ‘Clutter Chat’

Details of our latest episode of the Mind Waves podcast. It’s been a while since our last episode so we are extremely excited to be back, especially due to the fantastic feature we are sharing! Mind Waves Project Assistant Marie was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Glasgow-based Clutter Chat, a project providing peer […]

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