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Women’s histories in Glasgow’s place names

There are hundred, thousands  of streets and buildings in Glasgow. Most are named after white men. Many after somewhat dubious characters who profited from slaving. There are streets named after lightweight and stylish fabrics, like Muslin Street. But women… not so much. If you exclude those named for queens, very few tell women’s stories. Here’s […]

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In my madness

From our Community Correspondent Derek Read In my madness… In my madness I thought I had the solution all the pieces of the jigsaw fitted perfectly in my mind the codes, the magic numbers I was one with the Spirit could heal every wrong had the answer deep within me As I recovered, slowly, from […]

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If you have a friend like this… the Olympic runner who stopped to walk her injured rival to the finish line

The Olympics is full of inspirational stories. Every medal ceremony is a triumph. There’s the marriage proposals, the rugby player who survived breaking her neck and cancer to get to the Olympics.  Then there’s Yusra Mardini , the Syrian swimmer who almost died pushing a loaded boat of refugees in the Mediterranean. But there’s something about this […]

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Creative commons image from Elgin County Archives

Nine things you’ll only understand if you did Scottish country dancing at school

  A post from our Project Manager @rosiehopes There are so many wellbeing benefits to dancing: exercise, music, creativity, socialising. But if you did country dancing at school, it’s more likely that your memories look something like this. # 1 They called it social dancing Everyone in the history of Scotland has called it country […]

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Our next blogging theme: friendship

It’s when things get tough that you realise who your friends are. There’s no doubt that our relationships have a massive impact on our mental wellbeing. We want to hear about your stories and perspectives on friendship and wellbeing. Here are some ideas: Maybe you have a special friend who helped you through a tough […]

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A song for Ireland: a song of happy days

A post from our Community Correspondent John Dane “Talking all the day with true friends, who try to make you stay Telling jokes and news, singing songs to pass the night away” This is my favourite song and although it is relatively new , it reminds me of my childhood. It was written in the […]

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