Risk Assessment – by Robert Terry

A new post from community correspondent Robert Terry on the theme of Risk.
A sense of risk underestimated
Risk ignoring your senses
The risk of self-deception
Risk always at large
Minimise your risk of being alone
What’s the risk of being happy
Challenge taboos & risk ruination
Risk upsetting the status quo
Risk inciting the next revolution
The risk of someone immolating
Risk your protest going unnoticed
Take a risk with your thinking
It’s easy manipulating the risk averse
Risk is surfing a hurricane swell
Unforeseen risks of exporting democracy
America firsts trumped up risks
Everyone risks random violence
Everyone’s at risk of unknown hazards,
Even if you own a private island
I’ve feared the risk of house invasion,
Getting high in Sandgate, Brisbane
A sense of risk is easily inflated
Weighing the risk’s of flight or fight
We all risk dying in our sleep tonight
The propagandist explains exposure to risk
The heightened risk from an injured granny
Risks are taken for the dreams you’re chasing
Risk is participation
Risk is staying in on Saturday nights
Risk is diving in the shallows
Risk exposure to unseen forces
Risk being tagged a terrorist
The existential risk from somewhere
Risk is buying shellfish from the harbour
Challenging risk in the face of adversity
Risk is putting on your trousers
Take the risk of winning the lottery
Politicians feed upon the fear of risk
Risk is a chance for something better
Risk becomes the thing you’re eating
Risk is that rush of adrenalin
Your risk is credit scored
Risk becomes a problem
Enjoy the risks you’re taking
Risk is big business
Risk is everyday living
Risk can hold you captive
Risking contempt of court
Risk is a Friday night out
Insure against risky business
Risk is having an allergy
Risk is the sum of dangerous probability
Precautions mitigate your risk
Risk is a long weekend
Risk of losing everything
Risk becoming a refugee
Risk it all for Honour & Glory
Risk appearing on a game show
Risk is trying something new
Risk will break or make you
Extending trust is a risk we share
Looking for love is a risk we take
Risk is valued carefully calculated
Risk evaluation has become a science
Teased out from higher brain functions
An instinct for survival stratagems
A natural function of human subconscious, still animal after all
When dealing with hazards, materials &/or situations
Exposure minimised by maximised protections
The risk adverse learn unarmed combat
Dealing with hazardous people
You’ll want too, Risk Assess that

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